is a style blog about comfortable luxurious living and glamorous personal style. It’s for the confident woman who has honed her personal sense of style, and wants it reflected in all areas of her life—fashion, beauty, wellness, home.

This stylish woman demands luxury products and materials, but will not compromise comfort and ease of use. Luxury does not necessarily mean expensive, but well designed and thoughtful. She mixes high and low price points, is aware of current trends, but is not a slave to fashion.

Fitness, nutrition, and health inform her lifestyle choices, and help her to live a long beautiful life while aging well. She knows that moderation in all things allows her to enjoy all that life has to offer, and helps her weather any challenges that life dishes out.

The major challenge I am experiencing is my journey with rare chronic illness. It has forever changed the way I shop, wear, and accessorize my clothes, the choices that I make, and the way I live my life.

So glamapersona is for women like you and me.

  • With a few changes here, some tweaks there, we will live the life we’ve always imagined, and create for ourselves a whole new glama persona.
  • Let’s hone our personal style and use it to inform all our lifestyle choices.
  • Let’s learn to make better fashion decisions before we leave the store.  If we don’t love it, don’t buy it.
  • Let’s find the same look for less–less weight, less discomfort, less ouch, less chemicals, less everything that’s not so great for our health and well being.
  • Let’s live a life of more–more comfort, more luxury, more glamour, more wellness, more style, more joy.

Wishing you lots of glama, love and style,

                                                      xoxo Kara


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